Peregal Series  
OP,TX Series  
Emulsifier EL Series  
Polyoxyethylene Fatty Acid Esters series  
Carbowax series  
Phosphate series  
Cocinic acid alkylalcohol amide series  
Triethanolmine series  
Emulsifier span series  
Emulsifier tween series  

Located in yurang new region, closing to 107 notional highway, Jingshen highway , we own good position and transportation.

We have been a point company in surface active agent since we became a stock company in 1997. We have advanced process & equipment, complete analytic method and abundant technical force to develop new product. Basing on 20 years production experience in surface active agent, our reliable products have got well sold & appraise in China.
The output of our products are over 3,000 tons, the main products: alkylphenol polyethenoxy ether , fatty alcohol polyethenoxy ether , castor oil polyethenoxy ether,fatty acid alkyl alcohol amide , fatty acid polyethenoxy ester, Alcohol(phenol) ether phosphate ester salt , AE series, triethanolmine , carbowax etc.

Our scale in not largest, we will do the best in our quality and credit. We are feed on the ground stepping to our target and confronting the challenge.
WE hope any talent to take part in us. We look forward to your cooperation for the brighter future.

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